Surgery in QueenstownFrom spays and neuters to more advanced soft-tissue and orthopedic procedures, we provide a range of surgical services. If there is a procedure that we are unable to perform, we will make sure to refer you to someone who can!

All surgeries require pre-anesthetic bloodwork within 60 days of the procedure and a current FeLV/FIV test. Cats over the age of six are screened for possible underlying heart disease with a BNP heart muscle enzyme test. These tests help our veterinarians to formulate a tailored anesthetic protocol for each individual patient using the safest medications possible. All surgeries receive appropriate pain management depending on the procedure to be performed. Pain medication is never optional! When applicable, post-operative therapeutic laser treatments are performed to help speed healing and reduce pain and inflammation.

Our surgical patients are closely monitored under anesthesia by one of our trained veterinary technicians and/or assistants using the latest in anesthesia monitoring equipment. Intravenous fluids are administered for any patient undergoing general anesthesia to help maintain blood pressure and ensure proper hydration. We do everything possible to make sure the patient is warm and comfortable throughout the procedure and while in recovery.

**Please note, as a Paw Friendly Practice, we do NOT perform declaws. We are happy to discuss alternatives!