Stopping for Ice Cream and Other Life Necessities

Stopping for Ice Cream and Other Life NecessitiesI would like to dedicate this latest blog to thanking my pets for their undying support in the last several months. I know so many of you can relate. When my life is stressful and hectic, I tend to get a bit grumpy. Short tempered. I can be a bit of a jerk. When I’m exhausted, I don’t want to take time for my family or my friends, and that doesn’t go over well. But my two cats – Truman and Crunch – and my dog – Stan – don’t really seem to care or respect my grumpiness. They are all at once self-centered and eternally giving. They are relentless, never letting me forget that food dishes need to be filled, the litter boxes need to be scooped, and most of all, I must SIT DOWN NOW for mandatory lap time.

Stan reminds me that he needs to go to the dog park, or have ice cream, or whatever. And you know what? My boys are right. I go about my business of seeing to their needs, and I feel better. What is more therapeutic than a purring cat? Or funnier than a greyhound sleeping upside down with legs going every which way?

The requirements of being a good pet owner are numerous. You invest time, money, and emotion in making sure they have what they need. We alter our schedules, our cleaning routines, and our sleeping positions just to make sure they are comfortable and happy. We pick up more poo than we’d like to admit. But what we receive in return is exponentially more than we put out. We receive truly unconditional love. When I’m angry, Stan makes me laugh by poking me with his ridiculously long nose, or by sticking his rear end in the air and farting. When I’m sad, Truman purrs and makes me happy. When I can’t sleep, Crunch head bonks me until my brain can think about nothing but petting him. My pets keep me sane, they keep my blood pressure down, and they get me through my very tough times.

So here’s to you Stan, Truman, and Crunch. I didn’t save your lives – you save mine every day.

Dr. R

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