At Mid Atlantic Cat Hospital, we love being a part of this beautiful, vibrant, pet-loving Chesapeake Bay community.

We consider it a privilege to support our community in a variety of ways.

  • Donations of money, medical care, medications and equipment to our local shelters
  • Educational feline care lectures for local groups
  • Our team members regularly foster infant kittens for local shelters

Dr. R hosts Get Pumped for Pets, an annual charity race which has raised thousands of dollars for homeless pets over the past seven years.

More than anything, we support our local cat population! In order to help support and facilitate cat rescue and adoption in our community,
cats and kittens adopted from shelters and state licensed rescues receive their first exam for only $15 within two months of their adoption.

Braille Kitty’s Story

Over the years we’ve taken in many dangerously ill kitties without families and nursed them back to health at our own expense (cats mostly just give us a blank look when we ask for their checkbook). After being surrendered to a local shelter with her eyes completely caked shut by discharge, we were asked to help Braille Kitty, and we were eager to try. After several unsuccessful attempts to fix her eyes with medications and treatments, it was decided that the best chance for Braille Kitty to have a comfortable life was to enucleate (remove) her eyes.

We’re thrilled to report that shortly after Dr. R performed this complicated surgery, Braille Kitty found a new and wonderful lease on life! Her happy, outgoing personality positively bloomed to the point where we were able to adopt her out to longtime MACH clients, where she’s now a much-loved and content family member.