The internet can be tricky when it comes to helping you with pet care. For every reputable and dependable website for pet owners, there’s another that is – well, neither. We want to make sure you’re armed with accurate information to help your cat live a long and happy life, so we’ve built a list of educational cat care websites you can trust. Enjoy learning about your cat’s health online, but always remember, nothing online takes the place of a visit to your veterinarian for a thorough, gentle, nose-to-tail examination and consultation.

We invite you to start the learning with Dr. R’s Blog. Dr. R has written a variety of articles filled with great information and tips for cat care, all sprinkled with her fun and irreverent sense of humor.


Educational Websites: 
AAFP Caring for your Cats
AAFP Feline Behavior and Care Tips
AAFP Feline Disease and Medical Conditions
AAHA Healthy Pet Cat Health Library
American Heartworm Society
ASPCA Reporting Animal Cruelty
ASPCA Pet Insurance
Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
Cornell Feline Health Center
Indoor Pet Initiative
International Cat Care
Pet Poison Hotline
Pets and Parasites
Take the Kitty Test to Keep your Cat Healthy
Veterinary Partner
Winn Feline Health

Local Groups:
Animal Rescue Foundation
Animal Welfare League of Queen Anne’s County
Baywater Animal Rescue
Caroline County Humane Society
Chesapeake Cats & Dogs
Talbot County Humane Society

Chronic Renal Failure
Diabetes Information
How to Give your Cat a Tablet
How to Keep your Cat Happy Indoors
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Keeping Cats Healthy
Lower Urinary Tract Disease
Signs of Cancer
Signs of Poisoning
Tips for Finding a Lost Cat
Why Cats Need Routine Veterinary Checkups (Video)

Our Accreditations: 
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American Board of Veterinary Practitioners
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