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I can’t speak highly enough of MACH. My cat Stinky (she doesn’t really stink) has been a patient since I first moved to the Shore, and I absolutely love them – Dr. R, Dawn, and the whole bunch. At first my husband questioned why I didn’t just bring Stinky to the same vet our dogs go to, especially since it’s right down the block. But then he took Stinky for an appointment one day and got to see for himself. When he came home he said “You’re absolutely right – Dr. R is awesome!” It is truly unparalleled care for cats. I wouldn’t bring Stinky (or any future cat) anywhere else!

– Abby H.

I already knew our cat, Azriel, had a great vet at Mid Atlantic Cat Hospital, so when my veterinarian sister came back from a conference and told me about a wonderful vet from my area who spoke at the conference, I wasn’t surprised to learn it was Dr. R. Everyone at MACH is so great about calming Azriel down when she needs blood work, and talking to her throughout her entire checkup. When we go on vacation, we know she will get lots of play time and lots of love at MACH.

– Meridith G.

One of our rescues, Guinness, was about 4 weeks old when I saw someone throw her out of a moving car resulting in a broken hind leg right in the growth plate. She had to have her leg amputated when she was old enough to be able to handle the blood loss from surgery. The surgery was a success, and she is now a highly opinionated 4 year old tortoiseshell that gets around better than most four legged animals. The level of care and wonderful treatment by the whole staff has made it much easier in caring for her especially since she does have the well-documented “tortitude” and can be a little demon! Friendly, caring, considerate and willing to take into account finances, I cannot say thank you enough!

– Andy P.

I live in Annapolis and there are dozens of veterinary hospitals and practices in the area. There is even a cat hospital within walking distance of my home. My three boys are my spoiled rotten babies and I think that the drive across the Bay Bridge to MACH is well worth the time, even if the boys complain the whole time. It is obvious that Dr. R and her staff genuinely care about their patients (and their parents!). I am confident that the boys are receiving the best care possible, and I wish that I could bring my new dog to MACH too!

– Kathy L.

When I moved to the Eastern Shore in 2001, I thought it would be so hard to replace the Vet I had been going to. Shortly after the move I took my cats to MACH and Dr. R and have been going since. She has helped me through some traumatic times. She, Dawn and the rest of the girls treat my cats just like I do. That’s kind of hard to find. To have someone you can completely trust and know that they will do whatever it takes is truly a gift. Thanks so much for all you do for the Cat World!

– Glennis D.

I can’t begin to express my respect and gratitude for MACH, and the tremendous skill and ability of Dr. R. I feel so fortunate to live locally to what I believe is the finest care facility for cats in the nation, hands down. (And I have a happy 20 year-old feline to prove it!) In the ten years I’ve been bringing my cats to them, the caring and professional staff at MACH have seen my kitties through cancer, kidney failure, urinary blockages, and literally saved the lives of my precious animals during both chronic and acute health issues, while seeing to it that they have the best quality of life and health. Dr. R is an outstanding clinician AND surgeon, and I am so profoundly thankful to have access to her top-notch care. Be it a routine check-up or a life-saving operation, I have total confidence placing the lives of my cherished pets in MACH’s hands. My cats are very important members of our family, and knowing I have an all-star team working to prolong their lives is a true blessing. Immeasurable gratitude to the fine work MACH does for cats!

– Joan I.

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